Monday, June 14, 2010

G'day M'lords and Ladies

Well, another wonderful weekend at the Annual Olde World Renaissance Faire  in Twig Minnesota.  The organizers of the event even managed to import realistic foggy,  misty, rainy UK weather; talk about dedication to an event!!!

My daughter, Lauren, was able to accompany me this year and after a bit of reservation on her part was able to fully enter the realm of renaissance and had a wonderful time as did I.  It was great catching up with friends from last year, meeting new ones and being a part of a great artisan, merchant family.

Entertainment this year was provided by multiple talented people providing a wide variety of talents.  Jousting, Robin Hood, Vikings, musicians, re-enactors, you name the faire provided it.

Please view the slide show (double click on the pictures for larger image) and enter the realm.  I urge you to mark the dates for next year and plan on attending a wonderful family oriented event.

Please email if you would like use of these photo's.