Thursday, January 14, 2010

What is handcrafted?

Handcrafted as defined by the wictionary: English[edit] Adjective handcrafted (not comparable)
Made by hand or using the hands, as opposed to by mass production or using machinery.  Why is that important?  It's important to realize the time, skill and effort that goes into handcrafted items.  No two are ever alike even when they may look similar.   The artist's mindset always plays a role in the final piece as does the reaction of the medium they are working with at the time.  What is Art? Art is the process or product of deliberately arranging elements in a way that appeals to the senses or emotions. It encompasses a diverse range of human activities.  It is the deliberate arrangment that makes a handcrafted item Art. An artist goal is to appeal to the senses and create emotions and memories with a piece. 

One other note,  I have noticed that many sites are advertising items as handmade, please read the details carefully as I have found that many items are actuallly mass produced and are being sold as handcrafted.  I have also found it helpful to read the artist bio/profile as it may give details to the originality and origin of the piece.

Go forth and enjoy some art today!

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