Saturday, February 28, 2009


Hello, I have finally managed to rescutate my computer and now have the majority of my work on the slide show which appears on the top right of the page. Please take a look and feel free to offer any comments or suggestions. Please allow a few minutes for it to load and by clicking on the photo they will come up in a new larger window with more detail. Again give each photo a minute to load. THANKS!!!! BTW the numbers you see on the tags are inventory numbers only, not the price. Pieces run from $ 10- $60, please contact me for specific details.

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goodshepherd said...

WOW, Deb! GOOD JOB on the slide show! Congratulations! It is a real feat, getting one of those things up and running. AND, I am VERY IMPRESSED with your newest items. You have done a beautiful job on your pieces, and your hard work will surely pay off. BTW, is one of those pendants an AMBER piece? Please let me know.