Friday, March 20, 2009

Say Hello and introduce yourself

I'm getting comments from hubby that several people have seen this site and like what they see, It would be great if you could take a minute and comment, let me know your favorite piece, what you would like to see more of etc.

My first public show is 3/28 in Eagan MN.


goodshepherd said...

This is Jody. I love yor slide shows! I love your jewelry! You are just incredible! I hope that your hubby knows how fortunate that he is, being married to such a talented woman! Let's see...I would like to see close-ups of the stones in the pendants. And maybe (this is just a thought) you could place a number by each piece as you photograph it, so if someone has a question re: a piece of jewelry, all they need to do is give you the number, and you can look it up on your computer file, which you will have already set up (?!) with the description of each piece. Otherwise, GROOVY! You're the BEST!

DreamRiver Designs-Handcrafted Jewelry said...

LOl, I am working on getting the items numbers added to the pictures. The chain maille will all be categorized by weave, but the first maille slideshow should already have numbers. Thanks for the compliment